04 September 2008

Palin, again

There's been some concern that because of my defense of Palin's college photo with the inappropriate photo, I support her candidacy. Let me clear that up right now.

I think she's an awful pick, and I won't vote for her. Terrible. Terrible. No way.

I just think that there are better reasons to oppose her than an ignorant shirt she wore 20 years ago.


Monty said...

In case you were worried, you can still buy this t-shirt from Zazzle.com (link).

At least she wasn't wearing the t-shirt with a confederate flag that reads "You wear your X, I'll wear mine" that I recall seeing around Virginia Beach back in high school.

Vincent Olivieri said...

Oh, and the grammar is incorrect to boot!

Robinitaface said...

I understand - people think that I support her politically because i defend her when she is called a "bad mother."

Gloria Steinem wrote a great Op-Ed article in the LA Times:

Palin: wrong woman, wrong message