20 July 2008

Game Night

We had a lovely game night last night. The Michaels, Chris, Rachel, and Aga (briefly) came over for a few hours. There were homemade mojitos, some dip, pesto, butterscotch bars, cookies, and various other food and drinkstuffs to be had. We played Catchphrase, Encore, 25 Words or Less, and Guitar Hero. It was a nice night, and the weather cooperated by being reasonably cool.

TheDailyGreen.com has an interesting article on the top ten most walkable cities in the US. Interestingly (and surprisingly), both Long Beach and Los Angeles are both on the list! I'm not sure how that happened, since both cities are in so-cal, which is car-dependent, except that despite how car-dependent the region is, both cities are very neighborhoody, which promotes walking.

So, there you go. We live in a walk-able city. Just don't go looking at our gas bill... Actually, our fuel bill is reasonable, and will continue to be reasonable until we're both working and need both cars...

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CJW said...

Never heard of 25 words or less, is that a good one?