09 June 2009

Our weird evening

Tonight, we went to see a show by a Japanese group. The blurb in the
program said that it was about sex fetishes, so we were looking
forward to something interesting, and a little daring. What we saw was
daring, but not quite interesting.

The preset for the show was one woman on a toilet. Nothing obscene or
grotesque: just your average woman on a toilet. Then, for the next
hour and three-quarters, we watched pairs of actors have conversations
with each other. Without blocking. In Japanese. It was horribly
boring. In between scenes, members of the cast would throw things at
the audience. Candy. Water. Coins. The house sat about 200. We watched
at least 40 leave during the show. Michelle pointed out that as bad as
we thought our performance last night went, no one walked out. At the
end of the Japanese show, one actor took her shirt off. That was
enough for some of the Chinese to be in awe, but for he Americans,
nudity is a bit passé. We weren't moved.

After, we bought some beers and hung out in one of the hotel rooms.
Nice and relaxing.

Tomorrow, we will go to an 'authentic' Chinese village. Will report
more then.

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention about yesterday: I was shocked
with 220V three times.

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