12 June 2009

Goodbye, Shanghai. Hello, Beijing!

Yesterday was our last day in Shanghai. The night before, we all went
out with some festival staff and artists from Japan, The Phillipines,
New Zealand, and Vietnam. We drank too much.

Yesterday morning, after we checked out and stored our bags for the
day, we headed off for our last day in the city. First, we headed to a
computer store so Daryn could scope out computer parts. Then, a long
cab ride back to the Bund to take a short river cruise. Unfortunately,
the river cruises were all evening cruises, so we had to pass (we'd
miss our train).

Instead, we went to a massage parlor. We intended to get cupping, but
the shop couldn't accomodate all for of us for cupping. Instead, we
all had foot massages. Those were NICE.

Next, a short trip to a rooftop bar on the Bund. We each had an
expensive drink and took in the lovely view during our last hours in

A quick cab ride back to the hotel followed (our cabbie's daughter
worked with Presidents Clinton and Howard {Australia} and had
legitimate photos to prove it!) preceded one final meeting with
Michelle as she accompanied us to the train station for our overnight
to Beijing. We said goodbye to Michelle and boarded the train.

There are several classes of overnight trains, and Jaymi booked us in
the second-from-the-highest, called the 'soft sleeper.' The four of us
are sharing a small cabin in a sleek ultramodern train. TVs for each
bed, a locking door, and a bit of privacy. We ate dinner, punched our
tickets, and drank a toast to Shanghai as we pulled out of the station.

The train ride takes 10 hours, so we were able to chat a bit and still
get a good night's sleep. As I type this, it's 6.30am, and we're due
to end our journey in an hour. I got out of the cabin and saw a
beautiful sunrise over the Chinese countryside. Soon, we'll be at the
Beijing station. From there to the hotel, and then our first day in
the capital of the last communist power on the planet!

Update: We are safe and sound in Beiging. Very hot here, but not as
humid. Plus, there's blue sky!

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