28 May 2009

Another wedding!

Last weekend, Sarah's brother got married in Kansas City. He and Anne tied the knot almost five years to the day after Sarah and I did, and we were delighted to be a part of their celebration!

Sarah had been in town for a week and a half by the time I arrived last Friday, in time to head over to the local casino with my father-in-law. We met Ben and the groomsmen there, and searched fruitlessly for a dollar blackjack table while Ben played poker.

Saturday was a long and glorious day. The men all had breakfast together (Ben, Dante, Chris, Greg, Jon, me, and my dad) while the women did their own thing. Then, we all headed down to the hotel for the rehearsal. After the rehearsal, I hung out with my parents and began to drink too much. The drinking too much continued through the rehearsal dinner (at a tasty restaurant called Extra Virgin) and an extended-family buffet, ending with dancing at the cookie-cutter al fresco clubs that have gone into cities across the country.

The next morning, I woke up in a bit of hung-over mess. I had made reservations at a spa for all of the men, but I was really not interested in having a massage. Nevertheless, we all fought our exhaustion and made it down to the spa for some lovely massages. I must admit that by the end of my massage, I was feeling almost normal.

Normal enough for the ceremony, anyhow. The groomsmen headed back to the hotel to get dressed in our penguin suits (during which Ben gave us all lovely cufflinks), and then it was photo time! After the photos came the ceremony (brief), more photos, and then a cocktail hour.

Here, the groomsmen and best man take a break from the photos:

After the cocktail hour, we all headed back up to the ballroom for the reception. Which was a blast! I had a good time, and was glad that so many people (including my folks and sister!) could come.

We were having a good time!

Sarah and her mom, Denise and her mom, Beth and her mom. Or, Dianne and her daughter, Patty and her daughter, Kathy and her daughter.

Dante, Sarah, and I singing to something terrible from the 80s.

Once we shut the ballroom down, we adjourned to the downstairs bar, where we drank some more. Sarah, on the other hand, stuck to water. Smart girl!

Monday morning again came soon, but I was not hungover this time! Chris and Dianne hosted a brunch at their house for all of the out-of-town guests, and it was a much more relaxing way to see everyone. I could stay just for a short bit of time before Sarah took me to the airport for my flight home! Wheeeee!

What a great weekend! Thanks to Ben and Anne for having the good sense to get married and to everyone else for taking part in a great celebration!

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