17 May 2009

Winding down with the year.

Lots has been happening as of late. So much that it's been tough to remember to blog. Let me try to catch up:

The U: Classes are winding down. Only three more weeks left. This quarter has been the most enjoyable of the three, but it's also been, I think, the hardest in terms of preparation time. I'm prepping one new class that requires a LOT of prep, and a seminar which, while not requiring as much prep, still requires some.

Design work: After the show at South Coast that opened a few weeks ago, I've been hunkering down to get ready for China. We started rehearsal/building for a new show that we're taking to Shanghai in early June. I'm really looking forward to that. I wish Sarah could come, but she can't. Alas.

Sarah: She's in Missouri now, hanging with her fam until her brother gets married this coming weekend. I fly out on a Saturday and back on the Monday. More on that later.

Friends: I had a good time taking a bit of a break this weekend. I went to Disneyland with Jaymi on Friday (Soarin' Over California is the best!), and went to Brad's birthday BBQ on Saturday (where we ate plenty of great food and played a new game called Fluxx!). It was nice to reconvene with friends.

Everyone at the U is getting antsy and ready for the year to be over. I know I am...

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