20 January 2009

two things

1: I listened to the swearing in of our new President and Vice-President today. I'm very proud of them, and proud of us. Tonight, some friends will be coming over, and we'll watch the speeches and such.

2: I've been seeing a lot of 'Yes We Did' messages, and while I understand the sentiment, I think it's a little inappropriate. We did elect Obama, a man who is breaking barriers faster than we can erect them, but there's still so much to do. 'Yes We Did' suggests that our mission is accomplished, that electing a black man somehow fixes all of our problems. We've got a lot of work ahead of us, and it's only through working together that we can get through it. So, I'm glad that we have President Obama and that we are saying goodbye to President Bush, but I'm anxious to get started on the road to recovery. With good leadership in Washington, we can do this! Yes we can!

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