07 January 2009

Tonight at the Grammy Museum

Tonight, my friend Chris and I went to an event at The Grammy Museum. Last summer, I was asked to join the museum's Educational Advisory Committee, a group made up of local music (and music-related) educators. Due to my schedule, I've only been able to attend one meeting (and not even the opening events in December), so when I got the invitation to attend tonight's talk, I jumped. It was called The Making of the Grammy Museum, and was basically a panel discussion with the major fundraisers and creative minds of the museum. It was a real treat to listen to the panel discuss how the museum came to be, but the best part was that after the panel was done, we got to check out part of the museum. The section that we saw was a temporary exhibit called 'Songs of Conscience, Sounds of Freedom,' which is about protest and political music in America. The music ranged from Francis Scott Key's 'The Star-Spangled Banner' to Eminem's 'Mosh,' and featured a number of instruments that once belonged to key political & protest musicians, including Woody Guthrie, Odetta, and Pete Seeger. What a treat!

In other news, Sarah just finished her second day on the set of My Name is Earl. The days are long, but it sounds like she's really enjoying it. She calls when she's on her way home from work. Tonight, that was at 9.30. Her call this morning was 6am.


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