19 January 2009

A nice weekend, and a nice day down

Sarah's just begun her third week on the set of 'My Name is Earl.' She's enjoying the work, though the days are long. As a testament to that, we blew her entire first week's paycheck on shoes. If she's going to spend 14+ hours a day on her feet, she needs multiple pairs of shoes so that her feet don't explode.

On Friday, I took the subway up to Van Nuys and met her at the end of her day. She picked me up at the train station and took me back to the set for a beer with some of the crew. I met a bunch of good folk, most of whose name I've promptly forgotten. I'm looking forward to meeting them again so that I won't forget them again.

On Saturday, we went to the Getty Museum, which was more magnificent than I had expected. It's a series of beautiful white buildings on top of a mountain in west LA. There are beautiful gardens, lots of water tables, and some great art. We only spent a few hours there, but we'll certainly be back sometime soon. After the Getty, we went down to LB to meet our friend Deborah, who was in town from NY to visit her folks. David & Susan had us over for dinner with Deborah. Sarah left early (she was pooped), but I stayed for drinks and good conversation afterwards, in which I used the phrase 'Abrahamic religion,' which made me sound smart.

Sunday morning was loungy. Sarah caught up on her sleep, and I accompanied her. We had breakfast and set out to do some errands (including the shoe purchase). We tried yet another pizza place (good, not great), and turned in sometime around 10.30 (lights out at around 11.30).

Sarah was up at 5am to head to work this morning. I got up when she did, had a run and some exercise, worked from home until rush hour died, and then went into the U. I'm here now, having done my errands. I'm waiting for some data to copy before I go home to work, clean, and beat the rush hour.

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm having people over in the evening to watch President Elect become President Obama. We'll be working during the day, so I'll be recording it. Please don't tell me how it ends!

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