04 November 2008

Not such a good experience...

Sarah and I got up early and walked down to our polling place. We waited in a slow line, but eventually, we got to the front and had to give our name and address. Sarah's name was listed on the voter list, and her process went without a hitch. I was not so lucky. Despite having received confirmation of my vote using https://lavote.net/SECURED/VOTER_REG/, my name was not on the voter list. I had to vote provisionally.

My initial guess was that since I registered so near the deadline, my name was already printed on the voter list for my old address across town. Rather than print my name twice in different locations, they had me vote provisionally at my new address and will wait to make sure that I didn't vote at my old address before counting my ballot.

However, once I got to work, I found out that a friend of mine, who has not moved and who has voted at her polling place before, also had her name purged from the voter list. So, now I'm a bit concerned. I've reported my problem to the local board of elections, to npr, and to kpcc (our local npr station). Will see what happens.


more truth than fact said...

The same thing happened to me on primary voting day, and I have voted every election at the same polling place for 8 years. Something fishy, I thought. Even fishier when I later discovered later that my Harlem election district supposedly voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton that day.

Monty said...

Looks like Tim Robbins had the same problem: http://gothamist.com/2008/11/04/actor_tim_robbins_stymied_at_polls.php