23 November 2008

A long burst of work, followed by a nice day off.

Last weekend, I was in Minneapolis, working with a few friends (and a bunch of students) on a new piece based on the Gilgamesh myth. On Monday, I flew back to LA, and thus began an intense week. 'Began' may not be the right word, since it was really the eighth day in a row that I was working, but still. Anyhow, Sarah picked me up on Monday at LAX and drove me straight to campus for a rehearsal. I was on campus on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Today, I finally got a day off. Sarah and I met Luke and his daughter Tosca for breakfast and then a trip to the farmer's market. After, Sarah and I went exploring in San Pedro, where there were great views:

And a beautiful Korean pagoda looking over the Pacific:

After our afternoon in San Pedro, we zipped back to Long Beach, where I graded one last paper before dinner with Aga. We did some sushi and then a trip for some gelato. We also found the new cheese shop in Belmont Shores, but it was, alas, closed.

After dinner, Aga went home, and Sarah and I watched Edward Norton in THE INCREDIBLE HULK. It was better than the Ang Lee film, but that's not saying too much.

Tomorrow is a day of doctors appointments! Podiatry and opthamology!

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