15 November 2008

A day in Minneapolis

I'm in Minneapolis now, on a long weekend, working on a show with some old friends. We had two great days of rehearsal. I still don't know what the show will look like but that's okay - it's not really supposed to take any form quite yet. We're still working on structure. Yesterday, we did a lot of viewpointing and moving to music. Today, we did a bit of movement training before splitting off into groups. Adrian took a large group to work on building a monster out of humans. Lisa took three students to explore the civilization of Enkidu, and I had three(ish) to learn the George Smith Striptease I wrote. Each group did interesting work, and it was exciting to see it all come together.

This morning, Adrian and I went hunting for breakfast. Outside of the overpriced Holiday Inn buffet ($10 for muffins? ridiculous), and we ended up wandering into a Somalian Restaurant for breakfast:

I ordered the goat stew:
Post-breakfast, Lisa took Adrian and I to the rummage sale for Jeune Lune, a great theatre company that is closing its venerable doors. Here are some photos of that:

After rehearsal, I got dropped off near uptown to see DEATH AND THE MAIDEN, produced by some friends though Sarah. It was a great show and I enjoyed my time immensely. Afterwards, I tried to call Sarah, but she was busy. Liz and Josh and I went for drinks.

Tomorrow, I hope to see the Mixed Blood show that Thumbs designed.

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