31 August 2008

Straight inta Compton

My shirts are getting old. My short-sleeved shirts, in particular, are showing their wear. Between missing buttons, small holes, and worn cuffs, it's time to retire many of them. I read about a store that has great clothing for men, so Sarah and I zipped up there to check it out. On the way there, Sarah looked at the map and realized that we were heading straight into Watts and Compton. The LA ghetto.

When we got to the store, the facade looked like it should have been boarded up years ago. Fairly run-down and non-descript. Even the name of the store, Greenspan's, looked like it might fall down any day. Inside was a mess. Clothes everywhere, mostly organized, and mostly hung on hangers. There were stacks and stacks of cardboard boxes and shoes and hats (Greenspan's makes a lot of their own hats).

And oh, the selection! Lots of great clothing! I bought eight short-sleeved button down shirts, all good quality, all around $20. The most expensive shirt was $24.99.

They aren't usually open on Sundays, but they were today because of a nearby film shoot. We lucked out in that we basically had the run of the store. The owner is an odd duck, but very nice, and one of the clerks was also very helpful. I'm looking forward to going back there when I need long-sleeved shirts too!

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