08 August 2011


I'm 35 now. My friends are, more or less, my age, which means that we're all well-ensconced in the baby-making part of our lives. There's a whole lot of baby-making going on (in the metaphysical as well as the -ahem- physical sense), and all in all, it's delightful. Still, today, there was an exceptional amount of infantastic news.

First, my friends D & N had a happy healthy boy, baby M. A long labor with a small bout of weak heartbeat, but now it sounds like all three are happy, healthy, and exhausted. D called me today to chat, and he sounded super-exhausted. D - B and I were about to make you a picture of B birthing me, so that you'd know what to expect. It's a good thing that M came when he did.

Second, my friend HS from South Korea (one of the members of the theatre troupe with which I created Clown MacBeth) just announced that his wife is pregnant again. At least, I think that's what he announced: he just posted a photo of two pregnancy tests, both testing positive. All the text was in Korean.

Third, S and I have some friends K & E in Minneapolis. They announced a few days ago (I just caught it tonight) that K is pregnant with baby #2. Terrific!

It's wonderful news all around, and S and I are sending our best to all of the new parents, old parents, and soon-to-be parents!

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