08 October 2010

Another exhausting week

It's another day and another flight. This morning, I'm off to St. Louis to put in another version of HIGH at The Repertory Theatre of Saint Louis. This is the third time I'm doing HIGH, which started over the summer in Hartford. This time, since so much of the work has already been done, I'm only going out for a few days to take care of the put-in and the reinforcement. This particular venue has been tough to deal with, as they've been generally very late in getting in touch, contracting, logistics, etc. I THINK everything is on track, but I won't really know until I land in 90 minutes.

Classes at the U are going well. My undergrads are a blast, like usual, and my grad class is fun too (though it'll be more fun when we move away from the intense lecture days and start getting into the workshop/demo days).

This is my last trip for a while, and I'm really looking forward to spending some time at home. Cooking, cleaning, sleeping...

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