23 March 2009

between USITT and tech

Last week was USITT, the national conference for technical theatre and design. I had a great time, checking out different sessions on sound technology and design ideas. There were a few student portfolio presentations, and I was able to spend time with the students afterwards discussing their work. Nice.

Now, I'm sitting in my odd little apartment in Cincinnati, waiting for tech to start in the next day or so. Today was a pretty quiet day - I tried to go shopping, but there's nothing around here to buy. I built the sounds for the show yesterday, so I'm ready to rock and roll with tech. I watched Citizen Kane, caught up on some email, beat a friend in Scrabble, and met the other designers for lunch. I needed this day off, but now I'm bored. Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored.

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