09 March 2009

24 hours of Sarah!

After almost two weeks apart, I finally got to spend some time with Sarah. She came in on Saturday night, and we went to a party and caught up on Battlestar Gallactica (two more episodes!). On Sunday, I cooked up some breakfast and we chilled a bit. That afternoon, we went to the Yale Drama Alumni party, up in Beverly Hills. It was great to see some of our old classmates, though Sarah was disappointed that none of the actors from her year were there (plenty of non-actors, though). I got to see a bunch of old friends, including some that I hadn't seen since school.

After the party, Sarah played her game. And after the game, we got pizza and watched some more tv that we had taped. Also, I started a Twitter account, which you can follow on this blog (to the right).

This morning, I felt back (tummy ache), so I bailed on my run and am just staying home, trying to get work done. This is a brief break. Now, back to work!

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