05 December 2008

a long day and a second wind

This week has been full of long long days. After Denise left (she was visiting for Thanksgiving - wheee!), I entered my last week of classes. Which was also tech week for the remount of a show I designed last year. It was mostly a remount, but there were a few changes. So, 14-hour days at the U. Blech.

Last night, I left the U at 11pm and got home at 11.30. I immediately started packing for my trip to Mpls. S and I finally went to bed somewhere around 1.15. I got up at 5.15 to get ready to go to the airport. Have been up since then. Flew to Minneapolis, got lunch, unpacked, and went straight to rehearsal. By the time rehearsal was over, I had been awake 34 out of the previous 38 hours. We went to get a bite at a bar that happened to have a DJ. So, we danced. It's amazing the energy you find in your reserves to cover a superfluous activity like dancing.

Now, I'm back at the hotel. I had planned on going to bed early and working out in the morning, but since it's nearly 2am, I don't think the going to bed early part is going to work out. Since I have some sleep to make up for, I suppose I'll skip the work out tomorrow.

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