01 September 2014

Morning in Romania

I'm back in Cluj Romania after a long journey. On Sunday in LA, after S and I went to a baby shower (which was made terrificer because this was the first where we were thinking about our own parasite), she shuttled me to LAX. I met E, my director and traveling cohort, at LAX, where we had a drink and boarded the flight to Munich. 5.30pm liftoff, 1.30pm touchdown.  I watched movies (Kramer v. Kramer, Chariots of Fire, The Maltese Falcon), and slept about four hours.

We had about eight hours of layover in Munich, so we checked our carryons at the airport and took the train into town. We went to Marienplatz, a big public square, full of people and shopping. I dug the button accordion players (who must've been 7' tall), and we wandered into a few churches.

For lunch, we found a little beer hall and did our best to order without asking for the English menu. I saw a couple of word roots and ordered what I thought was going to be grilled sausage. Nope. What came out was a sort of German antipasto, with slices of sausages, cured meats, hard cheeses, soft cheeses, radishes, pickle cucumbers, greens, butter, and brown bread. It was terrific - a nice size to share, and we got to try a bunch of different things. Also, good German beer.

We continued to wander Marienplatz until it was time to head back to the airport for our flight. Getting all the way to Cluj was easy, and Mihai (the artistic director) and Delia (a generally awesome staffer) were at the airport to meet us. They took us to our apartment, which is above one of the nicer restaurants in town, and we started to unwind.  Eli tested each bed twice to see which he preferred. I'm using the loft space.  It's a nice place, with plenty of room.

When we finally crashed, I got about four hours of sleep again. I thought about going for a run to jumpstart my body, but decided to wait one more day to let my body clock adjust some more.  (knock on wood), I'm feeling pretty jet-lag free.  Tired, yes, but not jet-lagged.  I'm going to bed at appropriate times and waking up at appropriate times. Cross fingers for continued sleeping success.

It's 8.40am now, and C will be here soon to have a chat about the visual designs before we head to the theatre for the first rehearsal.

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