10 June 2014

Peru: Day 0: Travel

The school year is done, final projects are graded, the MFAs have had their commencement ceremony, and after a very busy spring, its time for a trip!


This spring was an exceptionally busy one. I had four major pieces go up in the past few months. The first was a sound installation in Fort Worth, Texas. The second was a design and music for Five Mile Lake at South Coast Repertory, the third was a workshop of a new immersive theatre piece called Elysian Roux, and the fourth was a design of The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, also at SCR. So, now I'm beat.


In the middle of all that, S and I celebrated our tenth anniversary, so now we're taking a trip to Peru to celebrate. On Monday afternoon, our friend Ni came by with her friend Na to pick us up and shuttle us to the airport. En route, we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants, Fishing With Dynamite, to have dinner. Once we got to the airport, we hung out in the international terminal for a few hours, waiting for our flight. This was my first time in the new international terminal, which has recently been renovated and looks beautiful. Shortly after 11pm, we boarded, and just after midnight on Tuesday morning, we took off.


I got about six solid hours of sleep during the flight, and now I'm sitting in the middle seat, wedged between S and a stranger, slowly waking myself up before we land. Once we pass through passport control, we'll have a day in Lima to play!


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