05 November 2012

Bitters: bottled and ready

At long last, the two batches of bitters are done a bottled! Tonight, after getting home, I did a final skim & strain of the bitters (leaving some of the heavy ashy solids behind). Then, I funneled the bitters into some bottles that I bought and washed. I ran off quick labels and snapped this photo before I called it a night.

While I was pouring, I was also smelling and doing a little tasting. Here are some initial thoughts:

The Coffee Pecan is nice. Thick and opaque in color, round in flavor. Heavier on the coffee than the pecans, but not overly so.  I suspect I'll add more pecans next time (or toast them more lightly than I did this time).  The Charred Cedar is very clear - it looks just like regular bourbon, but it has a very strong nose.  Much less 'charred' than 'cedar.'  I haven't tasted it yet. I guess I'll need to do that soon...

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