09 August 2012

A week in the far east

One thing I'm learning about my blogging habits is that I don't blog much when I'm at home. Traveling is when I write. Maybe because I end up with more time to reflect when I travel. Or maybe because I want to create a record of what I do when traveling. Anyhow.

Last week, I took off for a weeklong trip to the east coast. First stop was New York, where I spent a few days meeting for a couple of projects, seeing friends, and seeing a few shows. I saw Sleep No More and Peter and the Starcatcher, both of which were terrific. On Sunday, I saw a bunch of old college friends at the wedding of Ben and Phoebe. They had a terrific wedding in Brooklyn, and we had a great time celebrating with them!

On Monday, I flew down to Virginia Beach for a few days. I was m birthday, and I was glad I got to have dinner with my parents, grandmother, Aunt Laura and Uncle Tom, and awesome Aunt Shirley. Then, a few relaxing days in VB. I spent some time hanging out with my parents, meeting one of my oldest friends for a drink, and watching the Olympics.

Today, after a morning run, we met Mom-Mom and Aunt Laura for lunch and then zipped over to the airport to get me on my way. The flights were a mess. First, the flight out of Norfolk was a little overweight and overfueled, so we sat on the tarmac for ten minutes and burned a couple hundred pounds of fuel The plane to Detroit didn't have fans that worked, so I sat in a pool of sweat the whole flight. Once we got to Detroit, we were late getting off the plane and entered an airport full of running people. I have never seen so many people running through the airport - it was chaos. Boarding the plane, the gate agent decided to start checking our carryon bags, so I had to check my bag, despite the fact that there was plenty of space in the overhead bins Once we were on the panel and, with the doors shut and the safety moving run, the captain decided to reopen the doors to let more passengers in.

So, now we're high in the sky, I'm watching Olympics and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.

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