13 September 2011

Backyard Redesign: Time-lapse movie

We have a backyard.

We have never really had a backyard before, so this is sort of a big deal for us, and we want to use it. S and I have been talking about what to do with it, and while we've got some ideas, there are some challenges to the space. They include:

* We rent, not own. All of our changes mustn't be structural, and anything that is expensive needs to be removable (so we can pull it out when we move).

* There's an ugly cinderblock wall on the perimeter.

* Half of the backyard is full of dead/dying plants. We weren't sure if the plants were dead/dying because they've been mistreated or if they're not getting enough sunlight. We've noticed that the right half of the yard tends to house the dead plants, and also the grass cover is spotty, and also it seems to be shadier. To fully examine this, I set up a time-lapse of the backyard, from 6am-8pm. Here's the video:

As you can see, the left half of the yard gets a lot more sunlight than the right half. So, if we were going to grow a garden, that's where it would go! On the right half, maybe a seating area? We're looking to make something that's less water-intensive, or that focuses water-use on dual-purpose plants (pretty AND tasty, for example).

I'll blog more about this as we continue the process...

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Laura said...

Second attempt and it's a long one. I should just FORGETABOUTIT! but you are my nephew, so here it goes: EDIBLES in the sunniest location is the way to go, but don't make it overwhelming for you to take care of. The back yard doesn't look too large, so it all will be manageable. Obviously, from what I can tell, grass doesn't like the yard. If the landlord has no objection to change, I suggest that you invest in some stepping stones that you and Sarah like and use them to make interest in the yard leading to a sitting area and to the garden. I'm not too sure that the grass likes the yard. If it's sparse, you may want to invest in some "walkable" ground cover which works in your climate. That would definitely add interest. Here's a website from which I have ordered.

You can possible use stepping stones to create you sitting area.
love, Aunt Laura