15 July 2011

East Side!

Last night was our last evening in West Glacier, so this morning, we packed up and headed to the easy side of the park. In the Two Medicine section of the park, the climate was much cooler and more arid. We visited a ranger station to ask about good hikes in the area. S and D had a few picked out for us, but the ranger had other thoughts. One of the trails they chose was closed due to excessive bear sightings, and another was supplanted by a new ranger suggestion. He suggested the Astor Falls hike, which featured both a waterfall and a mountaintop vista. We ate atop the mountain, where D befriended a chipmunk.

After the hike, we headed to Babb, where we'll be sleeping for the next few nights. The house in Babb is a doublewide trailer, but it's lovely and suits us just fine. C, B, and I sat out on the deck in the afternoon and shot photos of a bird that was hunting nearby. We're not sure if it was a bald eagle or an osprey. Ornithologists we are not.

Dinner was at a place called the Two Sisters' Cafe, a little road stop decorated with license plates and a roof with a big sign that says 'ALIENS WELCOME.' Not sure if they mean Martians or Mexicans. The dinner was awesome. The owner (?) came over and told us that if we liked fish and didn't order the trout, 'BAD YOU!' naturally, we ordered three trouts. And other food. And pie. And milkshakes. And beer. And cocktails.

When we got back from dinner, eagle-eye S saw a bear in the meadow behind our house! We safely got inside, but have been trying to get some shots of it before it gets too dark. Speaking of which, time to go!

One last day of hiking tomorrow!

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