19 January 2011

big news coming?

big news is coming... it is!

... just can't say yet ... at least now in full-fledged-data-crawling-tracker-place.

In other news...

Classes are back in session. Have been for a while. I've got a couple of good classes. Undergrads and grads, and one class of undergrads and grads mixed together. Madness! It's still early to say how great they'll be, but I have high hopes.

Sarah is done with Battleship, and has moved on to No Ordinary Family. She likes it better than Battleship, and I like it better, because she comes home on the weekends! Hooray!

Just after Christmas, S and I went to Utah to have a little family vacation. On the drive out, we stopped in Zion National Park and took these photos:

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