16 December 2010

A boy sleeps in Brooklyn

It's been a week, and I'm back on a plane, returning home after a trip to NYC. Lovely, but also exhausting. Rather than a narrative description of what I did (which would take a long long time), here are some metrics:

Shows seen: 3 (In the Footprint, Fuerza Bruta, Three Pianos)

Friends seen: 36 (Matty, Darron, Cat, Futter, Hillary, Magic, Dan, Deborah, Will, Pam, Ko, Marc, Zan, Adam, Patrick, Mandy, Sean, Liz, David, Brian, Nastran, Jessi, Alex, Andrew, Sharath, James, Vicky, Ben, Bree, Veronika, Brad, Dr. Thunder, Sandra, Mike, Renee, Karen +)

New friends made: 4 (Jean, Lindsay, Chris, Rachel)

Semi-interviews conducted: 1

Manhattans consumed: 4

Martinis consumed: 0

Days the temperature creeped above freezing: 3

Minutes of field recording conducted: 75

Slices of NY pizza consumed: 1

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