05 April 2010

new banner!

So, I changed the banner from yet another beautiful midwest landscape to a flowering branch from The Getty Villa.

Today, after a month of relative stagnation, I'm back on the weight loss wagon. I've got 12 pounds to get to the ubergoal, at which point we celebrate and drop a dime on some new clothes! In the meantime, I'm punching holes in old belts (tonight I punched hole #3) and feeling alternately like a kid in his daddy's clothes or a clown (depending on how S chooses to tease me).

With USITT behind us, we're now thick into the last quarter of classes at UCI. Both of the classes I'm teaching this quarter are ones that I've taught before, so the prep for them is much much less. These days, I'm trying to get some paperwork out to the printer in time for my early May deadline. Yikes!

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