26 April 2009

another university shooting

There was another university shooting, this time at Hampton U., not too far from where I grew up. Three people shot (none killed), including the shooter (self-inflicted). You can read about it here.

The most remarkable part of the article is a quote from Hampton President William R. Harvey, who said "I think we are very, very fortunate. This could have been another - you fill in the blank." That is to say that there have been so many terrible school shootings that he couldn't pick just one. How awful.

Columbine was just over 10 years ago. Virginia Tech was just over two. And many, many other shootings at many, many other schools. There have been so many that we can't pick just one to single out as the epitome of tragedy. We have to allude to them all.

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Andy said...

That's fairly horrible to think about. Luckily we can still find the courage to step outside and face the world most days.